The healthcare ecosystem is transforming from volume to value, and providers need new software tools to succeed. Do you understand your Value? We can help!

Value = Quality + Cost

More Bills vs
More Value

New government mandates and commercial plan contracts are transforming the way the providers are paid. Payment for the volume or “more bills” is being replaced by complex reimbursement programs keyed to how providers manage a population of patients.

How Much
Did I Earn?

Without software like ForeSee providers will never know. Tallying insurance payments and patient checks, patient by patient, no longer works. Succeeding with new payment models requires a deep understanding of terabytes of data. Patient by patient accounting is now being replaced with programs where financial risk is shared between provider and payer.

Secure Your
Financial Health

New value-based payment plans are constructed such that some providers will make more money, but many will make less! As providers move from fee collectors to managers of financial risk they need cognitive software to assist them with risk management. Think of each provider as their own mini-insurance company.

Your On-line
Profiles Matter

The government is beginning to publicly profile providers based on cost and quality. Because patients like and trust Medicare, government profiling will be the most powerful market force with regard to patient acquisition, revenues, practice value and referral patterns. Small investments in cognitive software solutions will preserve your priceless online reputation.

With the transformation to value based payment, more than ever, physicians need software like ForeSee, the virtual assistant that helps them become a value based payment winner.