ForeSee facilitates clinical guidance when providers need it most.

ForeSee ESP

ForeSee ESP technology is a proprietary Patient Registry Architecture that collects data from disparate sources, warehouses, normalizes, harmonizes and then processes that data “real-time” against complex sets of healthcare rules. ForeSee ESP facilitates clinical guidance when providers need it most– at the point of care – just in time for physicians to make the life-saving decisions they trained years to carry out.

Rule Builder

Rule Builder is our web-based rules wizard that facilitates healthcare rule and quality measure creation. Our simple interface does not require any special technology skills to set up rules / quality measures for a practice, ACO or hospital. Not every healthcare rule is universal and diverse providers require decision support that applies to their payers, specialty and patient population. Ever wonder “what if?” with ForeSee Rule Builder we place the power over engagement right where it belongs – back in your hands.


ForeSee Predictor is our decision support technology that uses advanced algorithms to act as the provider’s virtual assistant at the point of care.

Quality Director

ForeSee Quality Director is a set of tools built specifically to help providers compete and win the race to high value ratings. These specialized engagement, decision support, scorecard and reporting tools are designed to relieve the burden related to third party quality reporting.


ForeSee Analyzer is a business intelligence and data analytics tool. Providers with little to no advanced technology expertise are able to simply point and click to build detailed patient cohorts against vast data sets. The system responds with easy to read charts and graphs that may be easily exported into commonly used spreadsheet files.

Risk Stratifier

Our Risk Stratification Tool persistently analyzes populations of patients based on a pre-determined set of risk factors relating to some or all of the following factors; number of conditions, type of condition (chronic / severe), utilization data and social determinants of health.

HCC Optimizer

Using ForeSee ESP technology the system applies the complex HCC coding rules to your patient population facilitating accurate and optimized reporting.


Is our Patient Engagement platform complete with bi-directional text, email and phone capabilities.